English International Church Start Up in Paris, France

Paris Here We Come

We will be partnering with Martin Luther King Church (MLK) Paris, France to start up an English speaking International Church Service. It will be autonomous from MLK but will reflect its spirit, style and ethos.

Warren will continue working with Missional International Church Network (MICN) part-time and Debbie will start an art business part-time in Paris, while both working together to build an English service where expats and locals can worship together in English.

Warren and Debbie Reeve

We have a departure date set for Sept. 7, 2021. While here we are learning French (C’est Vrai), working with MICN, and setting up an online art business that will be part of Debbie’s tentmaking ministry once in Paris.

Check it out at: Debbie Reeve Art

Partnering Together for Kingdom Impact

The Reeves, MICN , MLK the C&MA of Canada and YOU!

The C&MA


Partner with us by giving to us directly through MICN, or the Global Advance Fund of the C&MA

The New Face of Missions

For a quick video overview of our ministry in Paris click the link here.

The Importance of the Call

A short article on our call to Paris and the International Church. Click here.

The Secret to Contentment

An article on finding contentment in the journey. Click here

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